the following is a link to a realvideo clip of my first attempt at putting together a laser show.
The green laser is an off the shelf Beamscan unit from Red-Line lasers which is the best deal going for a projector style laser, in the video it's projecting lisajous figures out over the crowd.
The red laser is actually two 5mW Helium-Neon lasers being bounced around using a basic stamp II and a few RC car servos.
I plan to make many modifications to the setup, but I wanted to see how visible the beams would be so I threw this together. The video doesn't really do it justice, but it gives the basic idea.
REALvideo of my laser show Part 1 REALvideo of my laser show Part 2

this is a preliminary picture of my latest toy. it's a 35mW Nd:YAG (frequency doubled) which puts out nice green light at 532nm.
In the picture here I've got it drawing a circle on the wall but I plan on doing many more exciting things with it.
By the end of the summer it will be a part of our dance package at!